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Your independent music expert from Hamburg, Germany

Since 2006 I have been running an expert's office in Hamburg in the field of music and copyright infringements. Due to my many years of experience and special qualifications (historical and systematic musicologist and German studies specialist), I am one of the most sought-after forensic musicologists experts in the German-speaking world (Germany, Austria, Sitzerland). I am also requested from other European countries such as Denmark, France or Romania.

As a music expert, I provide expert opinions on behalf of: Copyright chambers of German courts, high-ranking media law firms, music producers, record labels, music publishers, composers and musicians. I also take on small commissions.

You will receive qualified expert opinions from me that meet legal standards: systematic, well-founded, objective, comprehensible, confidential.

Yours, Heiko Maus, Music expert and forensic musicologist

For example, I clarify for you:

  • Distinctions between adaptations, pastiches and cover versions
  • Examination of plagiarism, distance from the original in the case of soundalikes and plagiarisms
  • Sampling evidence (forensic sound analysis by computer)
  • Proof of performers in sound recordings (ancillary copyright)
  • Prerequisite checks of sound marks
  • Checking of jingles for copyright protection
  • Research and clarification of similarities in prior stock
  • Determination of value by means of value appraisals (records)

Services - Legal clarification in the event of a dispute or preventively:

  • Informal initial music law assessments
  • Short Expert opinions and music reports
  • Extensive musicological expert opinions
  • Counter-opinions
  • Party and private expert opinions
  • Expert court opinions
  • Descriptive work analyses and comparisons, optionally with score transcriptions
  • Sound analyses by using spectrograms
  • Production Supervising (legal assessment and, if necessary, proposals for modifications)
  • Telephone consultation (No legal advice)

Clients (References):

  • Copyright chambers at German courts (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Mannheim ...)
  • Leading media law companies
  • Renowned music producers
  • Record labels (major and independent e.g BMG, Universal Music, Sony ATV, Warner Chappell)
  • Large and small music publishers
  • Broadcasters (e.g. NDR, RTL, Netflix)
  • Well-known composers and performers
  • Producers of production music (e.g. advertising agencies, film productions)
  • Gladly also "small" musicians, authors, bands, music clubs etc.


  • Education - graduate in Historical and Systematic Musicology & in German studies.
    (Master of Arts , University of Hamburg)
  • Extensive knowledge of repertoire - previous stock (from the fields of classical music, pop-rock, electronic music, functional music, folk music, ethnic music)
  • Music theory - well-founded analyses of works, music and text (lyrics)
  • Music psychology / music sociology - e.g. music perception and reception
  • Research techniques - e.g. public domain pre-collection, rights clearance
  • Forensic acoustics - sound technology and software analysis
  • Guitarist, composer, music teacher - practical understanding of creative processes
  • Songwriter, author - comprehensible and understandable presentation of complex issues
  • Freelancer - Economically independent and objective

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me directly via email. I will be pleased to help you!

Musikgutachter Heiko Maus

Extract from the press review

Interview Funknet (NDR) 01.10.2019 on plagiarism (German, from ca. 00:24). Screenshot:
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Interview for Politiken - Kultur (danish)
Colonial Plagiarism  (from Boney M to Madonna)
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Interview for DW Online
'Looted music': An issue that requires attention
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Radio interview for swr3:
On the 7,4 $ Mio-Deal of "Blurred Lines". (German, 13/03/2015)